The company is responsible for organizing all kinds of architectural projects in Turkey and abroad, taking technical practice and responsibilities, consulting, Organizing Project Management and undertaking, and other works which are written in the articles of association.He works as a structural engineer in various projects. Our services include close collaboration with architects and owners to provide good performance and functional structures. These designs benefit from the research carried out by YAF architecture as well as the benefits of the extensive experience gained from our specialized engineering services.

exterior wall

The outer façade is a surface that connects some functions to the city, in other words, to the inner spaces between the city. Today's technology offers incredible options for exterior and roofing. In our projects, we have used a wide range of exterior materials that should be designed and approached. We consider the selection of materials as a very important introduction to the design of the whole. we used stone, brick, metal panel, wood, plaster and other inert materials on the exterior of our applied projects. The inputs I mentioned above, or rather, the structure of the design problem, the material that should be used to reveal itself, helped us to determine.