We continue our consultancy activities with our expert consultants. Our consultancy staff consists of “project managers”who have experience in various sectors.. We are here to strengthen the areas where you are weak to support the management of your projects.


Our understanding of sustainability is a proactive approach that focuses on efficiency and develops preventive approaches by identifying risks in advance. Our way of doing business, our point of view to all our resources is shaped by this focus. Using our resources more efficiently is a necessity of responsible and prudent management, while our duty of responsible citizenship.As YAF architecture, we continue to be one of the driving forces of the country in economic development, which is one of the most important components of social responsibility with our investments in our country, the steps we take to develop new sectors, and our global brands.

Turnkey Delivery

The key delivery project, as its name implies, is the complete completion of all the costs and works related to the building and the building being constructed and delivered to the buyer.After all kinds of construction projects,project and administrative approval processes, technical specifications and construction methodologies are followed and the material lists prepared with the approval of the employer are realized in the planned processes with our expert technical teams and application teams in line with the material lists prepared with the approval of the employer.